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  1. Getting Started

    Welcome! In order to use this Career Management System (CMS) Portal, you must be logged in first. To Log in, click 'Log In' in the top right hand corner. Enter one of the email IDs you provided while registering and for password use your 7 digit registration number.

    If you don't have your profile, create one by clicking 'Join' at the top right hand corner. After logging in, click 'Profile' and complete all required details to complete your profile. Click 'Resume' and complete all the required details in your resume. Upload a photograph in '.jpeg' format and click view to verify everything. Create a PDF of your resume and upload by clicking 'Upload' option. You can click 'Download' anytime to have a copy of the uploaded resume.

    To REGISTER for Placement & Internship support services, after completing your profile, resume, uploading photograph & uploading PDF, click 'Register'. You can unregister from CDC services anytime by clicking 'Unregister'. After registering apply for the vacancies announced actively. Those not actively using the system will be 'Withdrawn'.

    Registration is currently closed.

    Whether registered or unregistered, you can enroll for and attend Career Development Trainings as and when conducted by clicking ‘CConnect’. Enroll for one program at a time. Print Multiple Passes or Single Pass as required. Return to select another event and repeat these steps as required. Only those with Entry Passes will be admitted to the events. Any questions, contact us!

  2. Questions?
    If you have any questions or need any help, contact us!